Musikken Året Etter (Perceptions of music)
DV Video, 11 minutes, 2005
Commissioned by Happy Days Sound Festival 2005
Oslo, Norway.
The film is a short subjective montage of interviews, text, samples and music, investigating the Norwegian contemporary music scene from a sociological point of view.
Interview with Lars...
Interview with Otis Rush,
American blues musician.
Interview with Jon Øystein Flink,
author, former music student.
Audio layer:
Bodil Furu: playing the Norwegian composer Arne Nordheim piano composition “listen” at the age of seventeen.
Image layer:
Music historian Erling Gulbrandsen listening to Buckner’s nine Symphony.
Text Layer: Philosophical text about music, from the essay collection “Musikk og Mysterium”, “004, Cappelen.
End: Voyager & Bach