2003, sound, 9 minutes.
This piece is based on five interviews with young people at the age of seventeen.
With my “simple” questions about identity, moral and politics, I wish to uncover new problems leading to new questions that may be more complicated.
I want to point on the fact that their answers are simple on complicated questions. On the other side they make an effort answering.
By editing and cutting in the middle of thezir sentences I have constructed a new meaning in their answers. One voice takes ower form another and makes new connections. Through the composition I have made up a multifaceted voice, which reflects the suspense between them selves and their reality. The voices are in some parts presented upon eacother in many layers and in a repetitive way. What is really back in some parts are their style of talking.
2003. Video still. Poster.100x70 cm.
Fotogalleriets Vårutstilling, Oslo.
This still image is grabbed from an interview with Eskil Sand. He is on of the seventeen years people taking part in the sound peace ”5x17” and the video ”6x17”. The poster is subtitled whit one of his statement:  “Of course I do react on something, but I am not sure what it is” He is the middle of a resume of a statement. You do not know where this will end or which connection his says it.