The film Misty Clouds focuses on the relationship between environmental issues and the individual experience of pollution and coal energy production. The film is shot in Taiuan in China in 2009 and is currently being edited.
In 2007, The World Bank ranked Taiyuan as on of the world’s most polluted cities. The Shanxi province has been declared as an ecological catastrophe similar to Chernobyl in Russia. Coal is China’s long-term primary energy source. With a rapid economic growth, the energy demand is increasing along. The Shanxi province is on of Chinas largest provider of coal energy.
The film portrays environmental engineer students and citizens of Taiyuan. In order to address the environmental challenges we are facing today, the film presents individual’s reflections on coal production, urban planning and the economic structure. Misty Clouds is a contribution to a broader reflection about environmental issues in a global context.
In one scene, Students are gathered in a classroom discussing topics concerning their city and the future. What can they do and what can they not do? A coalmine worker and two amateur actors contrast the protagonists in the classroom. In another scene, we follow the coalmine worker in to he coalmine. In yet another scene, two amateur actors are performing Chinese poems about nature in different locations surrounding Taiyuan.
High Definition, 52 minutes
Director of Photography: Cecilie Semec.
Director Assistant: Wong Men Hoi
Supported by: The Freedom of Expression Foundation, Arts Council Norway, Vederlag Foundation Support.