My Ambience is a documentary film based on interviews with two young women living in Oslo. In this work Furu explores how young people influence and orientate in the world they take part in. The film aims to discover how external circumstances directly influence people’s daily lives. Fatma and Claudia are the main characters and they represent opposite positions considering philosophy and cultural belonging. Fatma is a modern Muslim and she stopped wearing the hijab after 9/11. This historic event made her actually turn more religious than she was while wearing the hijab. Claudia seeks the meaning of life through alternative life and denomination. She seeks the answers of the science fiction author Jon Bing in an interview staged for the film, but he doesn’t give her any answers. Rather, he gives her even more questions.
These two young women live parallel lifes. With different means they want to change their surroundings. Fatma whish to solve relational problems among Muslims and ethnic Norwegians by the use of dialog and acceptance. Claudia thinks gene technology and alternative living could have some of the answers for the future.
My Ambience (2005)
DV Video. 33 minutes.
Two channel video installation.
With: Claudia Wakim, Fatma Suslu, Jon Bing