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The New Politics of Development: Fragility, Taxation and State-building

I was invited by NUPI and TaxCapDev to screen a 30 minutes re-edit of my previous films from DRC. You can read more about the conference in Oslo here.

Work on the Farm

Work on the Farm (32 minutes) 2017 This is my recent film about agriculture in Norway. The film portraits a farmer and his work on the farm, we get a sincere insight into cow shit and politics. Here you can read more about the exhibition the film is a part of watch the teaser

clips from my films This video shows some clips from my previous films. Enjoy!

Where Mountains Fall at Kunst-Werke

I am so happy to screen Where Mountains Fall at Kunst-Werke in Berlin. This screening will be special in the memory of Anna Stensholm (1931-2017) I hope to see you on 23 August 17, 9.30 pm Venue: in the Courtyard, in case of rain the event will take place at Norwegian with English subtitles- Free

Mangerus de Cuivre to Minneapolis, US

Mangeurs de Cuivre will be screened at the exhibition WORLD OF MATTER: MOBILIZING MATERIALITIES. University of Minnesota, Katherine E. Nash Gallery, September 14th – December 9th, 2017 Read more about the exhibition here

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This news tab or attempt to make a blog will give you a glimpse into my practice! I will tell you when and where you can watch my films, what is my current project and much more fun from my artistic practice ( if you consider an artist’s work as fun)

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