HD video, 45 minutes.

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Code Minier is the name of the Congolese mining law, implemented in 2002 as requested by the IMF and the World Bank. It was seen as a necessity to attract foreign investments and multinational mining companies to a war- ridden and bankrupt country. Code Minier follows different figures that has direct experiences of copper mining, a replaced villager, a business man, a politician, a mine worker and a local Chief cotuimer. Like characters in drama they each present their sights, a patchwork of views that is as fragmented as the contested landscape itself, as they offer contrasting views of the copper’s significance and future role.
The visual frame of the film is carried out by a series of cinematic tableaux. In a layer of fiction two actors are placed in various landscapes and situations, their dialogues reflect upon the earth, the law and the history in a metaphorical way. We can understand the copper as a talismanic force through which the landscape is potentially transformed, by people trying to find a fortune, and left is the people trying make a living.