Errol Nordstedt alias Eddie Meduza (2002)
DV video. 21 minutes.
Foto: Marthe Thorshaug, Eddie Meduza, Bodil Furu

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This is a portrait of a genuine eccentric Swedish musician named Eddie Meduza (1948-2002). Eddie Meduza was undoubtedly Sweden’s king of the “raggar”, a Swedish expression for cruisers. His music became characterized as uncomplicated 50´s rock. He has seduces multiple generations with tracks like Pünkjävlar (Asshole Punks), Mere Brännvin (More Booze) Såssialdemokraterna (Social Democrats) and Runka Ball (Jack off Ball) Already in his beginning of his career, at the end of the 70´s, he was considered taboo by the Swedish public. He was hated by the cultural elite fro his incorrect appearance and his I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. However he was loved by many for his pride in being an outsider. Through a peculiar design of community involvement, he commented on different phenomenon in a vulgar and ironic manner. His songs were seen as provocative because they dealt with subjects such as alcohol, women and sex. Eddie Meduza, who’s real name was Errol Nordsted, was found dead at 53 in his house in southern Småland in Sweden on January 17th 2002. The cause of death given was heart failure caused by high alcohol consumption and life in the hard and fast lane.


You can watch the entire movie here. Some Eddie fans in Sweden has copied it and uploaded it on YOUTUBE.