Misty Clouds 2011
HD video. 52 min.
Participants: Jia Li, Shuai Jia, Wang Jing, Wu Zhiting, Wen Zhao, Anxin Ma,
Gong Yu Ying, Wu Zhuanlian, Mengze Li, Pei Xiahong.
Director of Photography: Cecilie Semec FNF
Production Assistant: Wong Men Hoi
Script Writer, Editor and Director: Bodil Furu

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Misty Clouds is filmed in Taiyuan in the province of Shanxi in Northern China where half of the country’s coal energy is produced. The video portrays environmental engineering students and citizens of Taiyuan and their reflections on the production of coal, health, urban planning, and financial structures. Larger environmental questions are juxtaposed with the personal experiences of individuals living under extreme pollution. The film balances the factiously staged and the documentary.